Gujarati Bol Chal

Every Saturday 10am - 10:30am
Online via Zoom

Kem Cho?

Want your children to learn another language. Then join our practical Gujarati Speaking classes. It’s a fun packed class for kids with interactive activities to make learning the language easy! We offer a Bol Chaal (speaking) class for children aged +3 with no experience of speaking Gujarati develop the ability to have basic conversations.


Q: What are the charges?
A: The classes are free of charge. "Seva" is our ethos and so the teachers and Yog Foundation are providing this service selflessly and without charge.

Q: What is the age limit?
A: It is beginners Gujarati Bol Chaal. So anyone aged 3 and above is suited to the class.

Q: Can adults join the class?
A: Yes - in fact we encourage parents to learn alongside their children.

Q: What is the scope?
A: For complete beginners, the class helps develop speaking only.

Q: What is the learning outcome expected?
A: You will be able to speak simple conversational Gujarati.

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