About Us

Yog Foundation is a UK registered charity (1185740) and community service group which seeks to bring the Hindu and Indian community together for doing good, in the spirit of selfless service or "seva".

While the rich Vedic values, culture and traditions are sadly being lost in the younger generations, we run activities and initiatives to help promote and maintain the rich cultural heritage, as a group of dedicated volunteers. We strongly believe that it is important to make our culture and values more accessible and relevant to children and youth.

We are also passionate about servicing the needs of the wider community be it the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged. Our mission is to establish a centre to further bring the community together to do good and for promoting the modern relevance of Vedic traditions and culture, particularly among future generations.

Awards & Recognition

Yog Foundation was a Winner at the London Faith and Belief Community Awards 2019. There were over 120 projects up for awards so it was a great achievement for Yog be a category winner for Promoting Inclusion. The award was presented by Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant, Sir Kenneth Olisa. This accolade is a testament to the hard work put in by all Yog volunteers - all in the name of seva.


Originally known as Soor Seva, since 2014 the group was primarily engaged in serving devotional music and bhajans to the community during various festivals and occasions.Then, following the guidance and blessings of Acharyashree Koshalendraprasadji to innovate and reach out to the younger generations and support the more disadvantaged sections of society, we expanded to organise important initiatives such as Moral Values classes for children and Indian festival celebrations such as Republic Day, Diwali and Maha Shivratri – all for free.

As our activities reached thousands of people and hundreds of families of Hindu or Indian descent, the need for a more focused, proactive and formally organised approach to meet the needs of a fast-growing section of the Asian community became apparent. In fact, at the Republic Day event in 2016, the community consultation revealed a strong demand for a dedicated centre for expanding our activities – including a local place of worship for Hindus. To further advance these aims, we were formally incorporated as Yog Foundation and registered as a UK charitable organisation in 2018.

Future Plans

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Yog Foundation’s music group comprises of youths who have benefitted from music training in Western contemporary and South Asian Classical Music. SoorSeva regularly organises free events to promote the appreciation of traditional music and encourage young people to engage in the learning, develop confidence and performing of arts and music.

The Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

The Board of Trustees are responsible for oversight of the Charitable Organisation and Executive Committee looks after the day to day management.
The Chief Executive is Mr Chetan Halai.

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