Mindfulness & Meditation

Every Sunday 8:45am – 9:15am
Online via Zoom (Meeting ID: 845-352-6058)

Meditation is proven for its huge benefits on physical health as well as mental wellbeing that large companies such as Google and Goldman Sachs have been introducing in their workplace. 

On this course, Suryaji will help you learn about a variety of techniques and practical exercises including
- Breathing methods
- Tibetan Bowl mediation
- Dynamic techniques
- Mantra and sound meditations
- Mindfulness practice
- Chakra Meditation
- Use of music to facilitate meditation.

You can join online via Zoom from 8:55am every Sunday and Wednesday from 8.55pm using meeting ID: 845-352-6058 or using the link below:


Do join for one session to have a try for yourself. There is no registration required for this Meditation course – just join!


Q: What’s the cost of this course?
A: The course is free of charge

Q: What ages are these classes for?
A: For all ages

Q: Do I have to register for them?
A: No registration is required. Just join!

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