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With the fast-growing community in the Bromley, Bexley and neighbouring Kent areas, the strong need for a permanent, prominent location for practicing faith as well as running activities and facilities for the community is evidently pronounced.

Yog Foundation has acquired a premises to establish the largest Mandir and Cultural Community Centre in Kent.

We recognise that this needs to be more than just a place of worship - it will be a transformational, modern hub, fit for the 21st century where the younger generations in particular will want to return to regularly for the space, amenities and activities it provides.

We have engaged extensively with members of the Bromley, Bexley and wider Kent community to understand their needs through door-to-door visits and discussions with several local community groups, as well as a comprehensive community survey.

With this in mind, our exciting plans for a community, leisure and cultural facility includes:

Iconic landmark Hindu Temple shrine
The absence of a single community centre and place of worship is a common concern. Local residents have to travel to Greenwich (where there are as many as five Hindu temples) and even as further to access community services and celebrate festivals. This places specific groups at a disadvantage such as the elderly, young and disabled who are unable to travel such distances alone or at later hours.

An outstanding feature of the temple will be the deity idols.

Ayurvedic Therapy Clinic & Spa
Ayurveda is an ancient therapeutic practice using holistic and natural treatments to help create harmony and wellness within the body. Our Ayurvedic Therapy clinic and Spa will bring Ayurveda to Bexley to help residents and visitors alleviate and treat a variety of illnesses.

Authentic Yoga & Health Studio
The centre will include a space dedicated to Yoga practice and training. Our expect instructors will focus on specific aspects of Yoga including obesity, back & joint paints, digestion, stress and anxiety.
Our venue will have regular Yoga sessions to help the community live healthy and active lives.

Wellness & Meditation Zone
We will be expanding our current offering of meditation and mindfulness sessions at the new centre by using cutting edge technology to deliver both in-person and instructor free meditation sessions. This will help maximise this offering to the local community.

Read more about Meditation sessions we are running online now:

Arts & Cultural centre
Festivals are a fundamental part of the practice of Hinduism. We will continue to celebrate these rich, vibrant, community focused, inclusive events that will create an experience that will attract visitors from all around Kent and beyond.

We will build on our current language classes, aiming to offer as many Indian languages as possible.

Our music and dance classes will help preserve our culture by teaching Indian classical music (Hindustani and Carnatic) and classical dance (Bharatnatyam and Kathak).

Elderly Day Centre
The Elderly Day Centre will provide a supportive community for the older generation, increasing their quality of life and enabling them to live independently for longer.

The centre's activities will include therapeutic recreation, light exercise and yoga, live professional entertainment, IT and digital skills and day trips to help maintain physical and cognitive abilities.

Vegan Organic Health Restaurant & Cafe
We will provide a modern restaurant and cafe serving organic Vegan food. This restaurant will be open to all regardless of faith as we want to support those who are interested in a healthier lifestyle and environmentally conscious.

Charitable Activities
Charity is at the very core of what Yog Foundation is all about. The centre will allow us to build upon and significantly expand our charitable initiatives.

We will create a soup kitchen that will serve free daily hot meals for any visitors including the most vulnerable and homeless.

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