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Thank you to our wonderful community and support from organisations around the UK - your donations are massively helping, but we still need help to fully realise the project's potential.

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With the fast-growing community in the Bromley, Bexley and neighbouring Kent areas, the strong need for a permanent, prominent location for practicing faith as well as running activities and facilities for the community is evidently pronounced.

Yog Foundation has acquired a premises to establish the largest Mandir and Cultural Community Centre in Kent.

We recognise that this needs to be more than just a place of worship - it will be a transformational, modern hub, fit for the 21st century where the younger generations in particular will want to return to regularly for the space, amenities and activities it provides.

We have engaged extensively with members of the Bromley, Bexley and wider Kent community to understand their needs through door-to-door visits and discussions with several local community groups, as well as a comprehensive community survey.

With this in mind, our exciting plans for a community, leisure and cultural facility includes:

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

to become part of a lasting legacy

A Mandir is...a place of solace
Where hope is given life...where we can connect to divinity...where inner darkness is enlightened, and where our rich tradition and sanskriti flourish.
Charity Food distribution
A thriving hub for charity and humanity
To serve the vulnerableand disadvantaged,
expand our hot meal and food distributions and provide more seva to those in need.
For Your Family and the entire community
For all generations to come together and enjoy. With a restaurant & café, sports and leisure facilities, arts centre and playground park with beautiful gardens.
Keeping our Sanskriti alive with Arts & Culture
Educational services including Hindi and other languages, Indian music and dance. Helping the next generation develop their identity while creating life-long friendships
Health and Wellbeing
Promoting Wellbeing and Health
With a Yoga Centre and classes, meditation facilities, ayurvedic therapy and a day centre for the elderly.

One space. Unlimited possibilities.

for a venue the community can be proud of

Excellent location
Within easy reach of Orpington, Bickley, Bromley, Bexely, Welling, Bexleyheath and Dartford and further in Kent. Accessible to over 30,000 Hindus in the area.
Excellent location
Huge potential
With several large and small buildings and parking for more than 50 cars.
Several buildings
Beautiful site
With over 2.5 acres and surrounded by greenery and open space.
Beautiful site

About Yog Foundation

Samaj. Sanskriti. Seva.

Yog Foundation is an award-winning UK registered charity working to bring the community together to do good. Motivated by spiritual values, the organisation serves the vulnerable, andimproves the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of all. Established in 2015, it is the largest Hindu organisation in the area and nationally recognised for its pioneering work.

The charity’s activities help promote and maintain our rich cultural heritage, especially among the younger generations. All activities are open to all and completely free of charge – in the spirit of seva.
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Be part of a lasting legacy in this
once in a life opportunity

Your contribution will help build a Mandir and community
centre for the current and future generations.




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