International Day of Yoga & Mental Health Seminar 2021

Sunday, June 20, 2021

This year's seminar was packed with useful information from our experts:

▫️ Children's practical yoga workshop
Dr. Abhaya Mohan introduced Yoga asanas especially suitable for children (age 5+).

▫️ Adults' practical yoga workshop
Learn basic Yoga asanas that are proven to help strengthen the body, help reduce pain, stress and anxiety.

Wear comfortable clothing. Leave at least an hour between food and yoga. Pregnant women are advised not to participate in the practical session.

▫️ Optimal nutrition for an Indian diet - with Dr Santosh Khokhar RNutr
What foods help us feel better mentally, are most nutritional and maintain a healthy and balanced diet?

Dr Khokhar shared her research and advice on an Indian diet and answer your questions.

▫️ Pandemic Effects on our Mental Health - with Darshan Pindoria
After having spent more than a year in isolation from society, transitioning into a post-covid world can bring with it anxiety, nervousness and fear.

A psychologist and practitioner at Deep Psyc, Darshan showed us how to deal with our mental health and will be answering your questions.

Re-watch the seminar again below.

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