Daily Mantra Jaap & Bhajans

Everyday from 6:30pm to 7:00pm
Online via Zoom

Yog Foundation are holding daily mantra jaap sessions that will help us come together and build peace and calmness among us.

We recite a mantra, sing bhajans, recite the Hanuman Chalisa and Shanti Mantra.

You can join daily via Zoom: https://online.yog.foundation/zoom

"Can't believe these Daily Mantra Jaap sessions have been happening since March. Amazing to see kids have the platform to learn and sing bhajans which will help their confidence. Also nice to see the entire community everyday!"


Q: Who can join these sessions?
A: Absolutely anyone can join these sessions regardless of age.

Q: Can I sing a Bhajan or Hanuman Chalisa?
A: Anyone is able to sing a Bhajan or Hanuman Chalisa. Please email us at info@yog.foundation.

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